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Medium https://medium.com/@yasik

👉👉👉 Building an intelligent experimentation platform at Uber.


👉👉👉 Take OpenTracing for a HotROD ride. OpenTracing is a new, open standard for instrumenting applications and OSS packages for distributed tracing and monitoring developed in Uber.


👉👉👉 Detecting abuse at scale: locality sensitive hashing. With five million plus Uber trips taken daily worldwide, it is important for Uber engineers to ensure that data is accurate.


👉👉👉 We analyzed thousands of technical interviews on everything from language to code style. Here’s what we found.


👉👉👉 Beginner’s Guide to…

Andrii Yasinetsky

Engineer, entrepreneur, angel investor, photographic artist, former @Uber_ATG , @Uber , @Google

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